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Voice-Over & Video Editing

I never expected to enjoy voice-over narration as much as I do. My accent was a point of embarrassment for me throughout my life until I taught myself how to record and edit audio using a Blue Yeti microphone and Adobe Audition. Now I enjoy it immensely! 

All my recordings are exporting according to ACX's file requirements (41000 Hz sample rate, mono, with 16-bit bit depth) at a total RMS amplitude of between 18 and 23 decibels. 

Use this link to view a transcript for each of the audio clips on this page. 



00:00 / 01:02


00:00 / 01:06

Les Régions
de France

Each region of France has its own distinct personality. To become more familiar with certain regions, I asked learners in IDLA's French 2A course to listen to these clips while responding to comprehension questions.

These recordings are among dozens of others that I used for IDLA's four-semester French series. They were all recorded and edited using Adobe Audition. 


MeL Tutorial Video

Michigan eLibrary provided our team with Google Slide decks with instructions on how to navigate their K-8 eBook Collection resource. Seeing accessibility concerns with that slide deck and knowing that we couldn't, in good conscious, pass it along to learners, I converted it to this video to the delight of our partner. 

I used Adobe Audition to record the audio, SnagIt for the screencast, and Adobe Premiere Pro to assemble all the parts into this complete video.


Audiobook Recording

Chapter 2: Country Visits, Part 1

00:00 / 25:56 is an online audiobook library for public domain audiobooks. Books are recorded on a volunteer basis. I volunteered to read part of a chapter of Chateau and Country Life in France by Mary King Waddington, the wife of an American diplomat living in France in the 1870s. The final version is 26 minutes in length, easily my most ambitious recording to date.

The version of this file you hear on this page was recorded using Audacity and remastered using Adobe Audition. 

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