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Course Revision Backlog Mechanism

Developed in tandem with a full course revision, these documents are carefully designed to align course review feedback to a set of best practices drawn from our end-of-course survey results.

A true labor of love, the Audit Backlog (and its two subsequent, simplified iterations) were developed as a tool to help our team at Michigan Virtual capture, organize, and delegate revision feedback items more efficiently. Fundamental to these Google Sheets-based devices is the ability to input the titles of the major parts of a course only once before the revision takes place, then select those parts by way of a set of cascading dropdown menus. Select Unit 1, then only that unit's lesson titles are available in the next column. Select Lesson 2, and only that lesson's page titles are available in the following column. This was a time-saving collaboration between me and a fellow designer that was widely celebrated across multiple teams at Michigan Virtual. 

To learn all about how these mechanisms function in great detail, watch the following videos . 


The following highlight video is part of a department-wide showcase presentation wherein I describe every aspect of these Google Sheets. The project gallery further down in this page includes all eleven tutorial videos I wrote and recorded to help our team use the sheets independently.

Project Gallery

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