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Visual Design Principles for Instructional Designers

As the capstone to OSU's eLearning Instructional Design & Development certification, I designed, wrote, and developed this full course for my team at Michigan Virtual to use as professional development. I developed this course in Rise 360.

The overarching goal of Oregon State University's eLearning Instructional Design Certificate was for each participant to exit the series with a full course that they had designed, written, and built all on their own. I entered this program having already completed my first true course build (Phenomenal Science). However, this proejct provided me with the opportunity to delve into a topic that I love while simultaneously offering a useful and desired resource to my team at Michigan Virtual. 

I decided to convert and expand upon a synchronous training series I had previously delivered to part of my team and conretize it as an online learning experience so that anyone could access it even if I wasn't around to deliver it again. 

I designed this training backward from a set of objectives teased out of the Non-Designers Design Book by Robin Williams (not the one you're thinking of). Second was designing the assessments. Each module has its own unique project meant to focus learners on a particular aspect of visual design. Then came the content writing and experience building. 

I used the mechanisms I designed for the Course Review Log project to collect feedback from a select group of peers before officially offering this training up to my team. 

Access the training in full using this link. You're more than welcome to participate in full, creating Padlet posts of your work and everything, if you wish! 


Watch this video for a brief walkthrough of this course. In it, I describe why and how I went about building this experience.

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