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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are easily among the most difficult designs I've ever done. Conquering the complexity of taking a design from mock-ups to production is something I'm quite proud of.

The technical aspects of vehicle wrap design are what make it such a complicated design type to grapple with. It can be as simple as changing the color or a vehicle or as complicated as lining up complex graphic imagery on the contours of a minivan.

Either way, the whole process should begin with three things: Confirmation on the make and model of the vehicle in question, careful measurements of every part and piece, and images taken straight-on of every face of the vehicle for use in mocking up designs later.

While at Skyline Outdoor, I developed methods for creating custom vehicle mock-ups that my team used for every wrap project. I wanted to make sure that there were no surprises whatsoever. Every client would know precisely what their vehicle would look like after the installation took place. And our installation team would use our precise mock-ups as guides so that they knew exactly where everything should fall on the vehicle.

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