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Micro-Credential Badge Design

Micro-credential badges are awarded to learners upon successful completion of a course or course series. I design all my badges from scratch to specifications provided by badging platforms.

Designing micro-credential badges blends my love of both graphic and instructional design! They always present an interesting challenge. Each series of badges must perfectly reflect their course's structure. Some of them require milestone or capstone badges that mark the end of a series of modules within a course series while some are one-off badges designed as a reward for the completion of an entire course. 

No matter the challenge presented by the course, every badge design you'll see here on this page was handcrafted from scratch using no stock images or free vector graphics at all. I design vector imagery like this using Adobe Illustrator, exporting files as .svg or .png as needed. 


In the following video, I briefly describe my Esports Micro-Credential badge designs. This series of color-coded badges is for adult learners seeking to become esports coaches. The utilise milestone and capstone badges to create a smooth experience for the learners.

Project Gallery

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