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Walls & Windows

Covering several stories of windows is no small feat. Designing and producing these kinds of graphics requires forethought about how the user will experience the piece.

Wall and window graphics are highly contextual designs. If outdoors, they might need to be treated as outdoor signage (like stationary/mobile billboards). But if meant for indoor display, you may need to consider a number of factors. Will you need to see through the graphics from one or both directions? To what degree? If on glass doors, will inability to see through the graphics create safety hazards for users? Will perforation create a significant loss of image quality that will affect how viewers experience the designs? Gloss? Matte? Satin?

All the window and wall graphics in my portfolio here were designed with these considerations in mind. Each was produced on 3M vinyl and installed by 3M-certified installers.

Project Gallery

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