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Summer Language Boost Programs in French & German

The Summer Language Boost program offered self-paced, communicative French and German materials to high school students looking to review or get ahead before the next school year.

I was asked to join the team working to formulate this summer learning program because of my background in language education. The materials aligned with my language teaching philosophy and drew on Second Language Acquisition theory to help facilitate learners' language acquisition. 

I was thrilled to have the chance to work on a large-scale project like this, especially because I was still an administrative assistant at the time. 

My role was that of coordinator and content writer. I worked with my team to curate a list of preexisting activities that aligned with a set of can-do statements that we had previously decided fit the needs of our product personas. The personas were high school students looking to review prior school year's learning OR to get ahead by looking forward to what they would be learning in the next year of language courses. 

I collaborated with the owner and founder of Lingco Language Labs, Seth Killian, whose team aided ours in rebuilding any content that could not be linked into the LMS. I also wrote a full set of orientation materials that guided learners through a sort of tutorial as they read, giving them a chance to learn the new platform before they jumped into the actual activities. 

Below is a presentation recording wherein I describe the program to my colleagues. Additionally, the project gallery includes screenshots used in the introductory tutorial section. 


In this video, I present my work on the Summer Language Boost program to my colleagues at Michigan Virtual.

Project Gallery

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