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Storyline Travel Game

This gamified French language learning experience is the first thing I ever built in Articulate Storyline.

My introduction to using Articulate Storyline came in the form of a summer learning group with my team at Michigan Virtual. I loved Storyline immediately. I enjoyed learning about it so much that I wanted to do more than we were doing in the sessions. So I drafted an outline and bits of a script. I knew that I wanted to try to build something that would have been useful to me as a French language teacher, and I love traveling and organizing trip details myself, so I combined the two and created a reservation booking system simulation with a virtual guide and end results that change based on the choices you make along the way.

In the game, learners must use their French to book a taxi, a train ticket, and a hotel in a French destination city of their choosing. I designed the game so that no matter how right or wrong your answers, you always make it to your destination. If you understand most or all of what your guide and your itinerary tell you, you'll have a wonderful time! If you don't, your vacation might be ruined!

Want to try the game out for yourself? You're more than welcome to! 


Want to see what the game is like? Watch this video to see a walkthrough of its features!

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