Instructional Designer

Bonjour, y'all! 

I'm an instructional designer, graphic designer,  and avid francophile. I love to travel, to help people learn new things, and to always be learning new things myself.


I'm originally from Tennessee, but I relocated to Michigan in 2012 when I accepted an offer to teach French at Michigan State University, where I later obtained a Master of Arts in French language and literature. Before that, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design from the University of Tennessee at Martin.

For four years, I was graphic designer, then creative director, at Skyline Outdoor Advertising in East Lansing, Michigan where I learned to tailor my design style to suit my clients' needs. I designed for such diverse clients as the City of Lansing, the Michigan State and Pittsburgh Football programs, Dart Container Corporation, Salt Yoga, and countless more.

In 2019, I came to Michigan Virtual as an administrative assistant, subsequently taking up the role of course development assistant, and finally that of instructional designer. At Michigan Virtual, I work with our team of instructional designers to build course materials for both K-12 and professional learners across Michigan. 

I have over a decade of second language classroom leadership experience, including, most recently, three semesters at Olivet College. My classes are highly communicative in nature. Even from day one, I speak as little English as possible in the classroom. 

That's me in a nutshell! If you'd like more detail, please continue reading or visit my design portfolios in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

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Work Experience

Oct. 2022 – Present

March 2022 – Present

Nov. 2020 – Oct. 2022

Dec. 2019 – Nov. 2021

Aug. 2018 – Dec. 2020

July 2015 – Dec. 2019

Aug. 2012 – May 2016

Michigan Virtual

I work with subject matter experts and a team of fellow designers and developers to coordinate the design, building, and implementation of professional learning courses for teachers in Michigan. 

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance

I script and build end-of-unit review activities for IDLA's four-semester suite of French courses. Activities align to course objectives and existing lesson content, mimicking activity types that are found on unit exams to whatever extent possible, while also remaining rooted in a communicative language learning theory. 

Michigan Virtual

I worked with instructional designers and subject matter experts, aiding in the designing, writing, and building of both student and professional learning courses for students and teachers across the state of  Michigan. 

Michigan Virtual

My chief duties included coordinating the documentation process for external partners and contractors, managing travel planning for my team members, and organizing details of daily office proceedings and company events. 

Olivet College

I taught face-to-face and online beginner French courses. I used SLA theory to inform my communicative teaching practices, carefully crafting lessons to facilitate learners' language acquisition.

Skyline Outdoor Advertising

Leading the art department of the small agency, I designed for a wide variety of clients and media. Vehicle wraps, logos, signage, wall wraps, billboards, and more. I also supervised a small team of artists. 

Michigan State University

More than a traditional TA, I took graduate-level courses while planning and teaching beginner French courses informed by SLA theory. I also wrote and built hybrid French materials, which were used for years after I left the program.

Aug 2009 – May 2012

University of Tennessee at Martin

The SI program offers free tutoring to college students. I attended class with my students, aided the professor in class, and led weekly sessions outside of class to help students better their French skills. 



Wrote and built 2 semesters of French language unit review activities

Presented Practical Tips, Tools, & Techniques for Online Teaching at MACUL 2022

Completed CourseArc's Principles of Instructional Design: A Roadmap for Creating Engaging eLearning Content certification

Completed Oregon State University's eLearning Instructional Design Certificate

2 years as course development assistant​


Designed, scripted, & built An Introduction to Phenomenal Science course

Experience using ADDIE, Four D's Design, Agile methodology, and more

Wrote and coded 2 semesters of hybrid French curriculum to accompany Liaisons: An Introduction to French


BA in graphic design from the University of Tennessee at Martin

4 years as graphic designer and creative director at Skyline Outdoor

High proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

10+ years of experience designing for vehicle wraps, digital media, logos, billboards, book covers and layouts, and so much more


3+ years as leader of Skyline Outdoor's
Art Department

Responsible for new designer hiring and training at Skyline Outdoor

Development of new methods of file
and data management

10+ years of classroom
leadership experience

President of annual
academic conference 2014-15


MA in French language and literature from MSU

Superior level proficiency in French on
the ACTFL scale


5+ years teaching 1st and 2nd year
college level French courses

3+ years as Supplemental Instructor
experience at UTM


Novice proficiency in Spanish