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Outdoor Signage

From 24-foot-tall beer cans to yoga studio façade design, this section includes designs meant for outdoor display. These designs required me to consider how the spectator would experience each one.

Outdoor advertising was my focus during my time at Skyline Outdoor. It always required an enormous amout of consideration for how the users would consume the artwork.

Mobile billboards, for example, display art on a moving target. Any copy must be large, legible, and instantly understandable. Condensing a complex message or call to action into such simple visual cues can be quite difficult for a designer to master.

But then there are projects like the 24ft beer can graphic, which would of course be most often seen from such a distance that any pixelation or distortion of the image wouldn't been seen. But because of its place in the Lugnuts stadium, some people would indeed see it from only a few feet away. So the image had to be enlarged carefully and gradually to minimize pixelation.

The project in this category that I'm most proud of is Salt Yoga's building façade update. My wonderful client trusted me fully, so I mocked up some signage placement using the logo I designed myself, then proposed a paint color for the exterior. She gladly accepted my idea, and that engaged my company in not only the outdoor signage design/installation, but also the painting of the whole building. An exciting triumph!

Project Gallery

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