Bonjour, y'all! My name is Adam. Travel, linguistics, logo design, and Harry Potter, are a few things that I love.


I'm originally from Tennessee, but I relocated to Michigan six years ago after accepting an offer to teach French at Michigan State University, where I obtained a Master of Arts in French language and literature. Before that, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design from the University of Tennessee at Martin.

For four years, I was graphic designer, then creative director, at Skyline Outdoor Advertising in East Lansing, Michigan where I learned to tailor my design style to suit my clients' needs. I designed for such diverse clients as the City of Lansing, the Michigan State and Pittsburgh Football programs, Dart Container Corporation, Salt Yoga, and countless more. 

In 2019, I came to Michigan Virtual as an administrative assistant, eventually taking up the new role of course development assistant. There, I aid our instructional designers in building course materials for both K-12 and professional learners across Michigan. 

I have over a decade of second language classroom leadership experience, including, most recently, three semesters at Olivet College. My classes are highly communicative in nature. Even from day one, I speak as little English as possible in the classroom. 

In the Design tab in the top navigation bar, you can find my design portfolio. If you like what you see and want some for yourself, reach out! I'm always accepting new clients!

Thanks for stopping by!




BA in
graphic design


4 years as
graphic designer and
creative director at
Skyline Outdoor

High proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,
and InDesign

Experience designing and producing vehicle wraps, digital media, logos, billboards,
and more


3+ years as leader of Skyline Outdoor's Art Department

Responsible for new designer training at Skyline Outdoor

Development of new methods of file and data management

10+ years of classroom
leadership experience

President of annual academic conference 2014-15


MA in
French language
and literature



Superior level proficiency in French on the ACTFL scale


5+ years teaching 1st and 2nd year
college level
French courses

3+ years as Supplemental Instructor experience at UTM


Novice proficiency
in Spanish